Our Team


Kathryn chib

Kathryn has twelve years’ experience in Special Education in a range of roles and positions.  She began her career as a substitute teacher in rural Michigan and spent the majority of her career teaching, contracting, and managing charter school special education programs in urban Los Angeles.  After relocating to the Baltimore area in 2014, Kathryn founded and directed a Type II school for high school students with autism in Prince George’s County.   She is currently working with a group of parents to found a charter school in Baltimore County.

Kathryn's educational background includes an M.S. in Special Education from the University of LaVerne, an Administration Certificate I from Johns Hopkins University, and an Autism Authorization from UCLA.  Her B.A. is from Hope College in Holland, Michigan.  

Kathryn works hard to apply the “it takes a village” philosophy when gathering a team to meet the needs of a child, and she is most passionate about ensuring that her clients receive equitable access to education. 


manju holmes

Manju applies a team philosophy when it comes to helping clients. Her diverse educational and work background allow for a creative approach to problem solving and finding the best solution for each child.

Manju developed essential leadership skills working with colleagues from different backgrounds during her 7-year career as a high-level manager. It was in this fast-paced, results-driven environment that she honed her customer service skills as she developed lasting relationships with valued clients.

Prior to her management career, Manju spent 3 years as a research technician at the University of Pittsburgh studying pharmacological interventions for neural pain pathways. This research environment combined with Manju’s B.S. in Neuroscience from the University of Pittsburgh allowed her to cultivate an analytical approach to solving complex problems.