Our Mission:

Equity in

Education is the key to an enriched life. Each child is unique and requires a unique set of tools tailored to their strengths. We believe that with the right tools, every child has the opportunity to reach their potential. Our mission is to support the creation of equal learning opportunities for students with special needs.


Our Vision

We aim to empower parents to become their child’s greatest advocate in navigating the educational system.

We aim to empower schools to recognize and embrace learning differences as assets to the school community through effective programming.

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Our Team


Kathryn chib


Educational Consultant


Manju holmes




Our Services


Families of students with special needs often have an uphill battle not only in ascertaining what their child needs to succeed in school but also in obtaining it from schools.  Schools often face hard decisions in giving services to students with special needs as services can quickly become costly and resources are more and more limited. 

Beacon advocates have been on both sides of the IEP table and are dedicated to creating partnerships between parents and the school in order to maximize support for the student.

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