Our Story

In a chance meeting, Katy and Sarah sat next to each other at a school information session in Towson in 2017.  They quickly discovered they had a lot in common: children the same age, a background in special education, and—serendipitously—both were considering starting up an advocacy group to serve families of school-age children with disabilities.  Both had become frustrated with inequities they had observed throughout their respective careers: disparities in quality of services across low-income areas, disproportionate qualification of students of color, and rigidity within the system even in situations where the “one size fits all” model is inappropriate.

They agreed that it was time to join forces. Katy’s sister-in-law, Manju, had recently left a retail management position and was looking for a new career of service in her community.  Together, the three women established a company mission to work to establish equity in education for students with disabilities across all settings and circumstances.


It takes a village

We’ve seen kids struggle in school. We’ve seen parents, advocates, and administrators struggle to reach a consensus on a child’s programming. As parents we know that it takes a village. As special education professionals we know that programming is not one-size-fits-all.


Beacon Education Solutions' vision is two-fold: we empower parents to become their child’s greatest advocate in navigating the educational system and we aim to empower schools to recognize and embrace learning differences as assets to the school community through effective programming.  Beacon was named for Katy’s two children, whose names both mean “ray of light.”  We truly believe there's always a way and we strive to find positive, efficacious solutions that work for all parties involved in your child's education.